I’m a digital product designer with a passion for solving problems.

I believe that great design is invisible. It’s not something you see, it is something you feel. It’s an emotional reaction to an experience, a name, an image, a product. I believe that those reactions can spark a decision, and that decision can influence behavior. Great design is truly centered in emotion. It’s about being the catalyst, shifting paradigms, shattering expectations, turning heads.

My goal is always to be both a designer and strategic thinker, forming strategies that align with brand and product goals to achieve the best possible outcome for any project on which I work. I also recognize how essential quality teamwork is to the process, as I believe meaningful insights are the result of intellectual mingling, and I focus on collaborating with and mentoring project teams so we succeed together.

Throughout my career I have been successful in applying my theory and approach at scale; be it a startup, independent shop, and most recently, within a large enterprise model. Using these principals as guidance, I’ve delivered top quality work as part of a large team, within a lean design team setting, and finally directly one on one with the client.

I have worked with clients ranging from seed round startups to global corporations, including: Gwynnie Bee, Mattel, RotoQL, Trizic, WestRock, Wheels Up, and WWE.

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I’m always looking to learn about new industries and projects, as well as make new connections. Please reach out if you would like to chat or work together.

My e-mail address is:
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