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Gwynnie Bee is a subscription-based e-commerce platform that provides clothing for women sizes 10 through 32, an underserved market. Gwynnie Bee allows customers to explore brands and collections, and then add items to their online closets. Subscribers can rent and return different articles of clothing, or buy items for less than retail price.

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  • Worked closely with the design team to implement the new style guide/direction throughout the entire iOS and web platforms.

  • Worked closely with engineers and product teams to implement the approved designs.
  • Worked with senior stakeholders in the product and design teams to help identify pain points and other areas of potential improvement throughout our digital platforms.
  • Established and promoted design guidelines, best practices and standards for the design team.

Study Outline


  • Understand points of confusion in the subscription flow.

  • Identify reasons for subscription flow drop-off.

  • Propose actionable recommendations to improve subscription flow experience and decrease drop-off rates.


  • Recruit five participants that fit the profile of the target audience.

  • Bring in participants on-site for moderated 1:1 user testing.

  • 60 minute study, held over three days. Mobile testing on iOS or Android. Scoped to subscription flow only.
  • Collect qualitative data to understand pain points in flow.


  • Female, dress size 10+ (ideally 14+), age 35-55.

  • Shops for clothes on their mobile device.

  • Cares about fashion and brands.
  • Willing to spend money on clothing that works for them (”cutting edge fashionistas and “fashion seekers”).

  • Not currently a GB subscriber.

  • Open to clothing subscription services.

Findings and Recommendations

  • Users unanimously want to see the clothing selection before selecting a plan. Provide a way for users to browse through a wide variety of clothing choices to get a feel for the styles available BEFORE accessing the PPS page.
  • Users have many questions about the service which hold them back from proceeding with selecting a plan. Prioritize and reposition key messaging to instill confidence in the users - specifically around shipping and cancellation, reiterating that it is a rental service.
  • Upon completion of the subscription flow, lead the users directly into a rich experience for clothing selection. Get them started on their first rental immediately.

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